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Games 4 Seniors has Launched

January 1, 2024

Games for seniors has launced

We are excited to announce that Games 4 Seniors is officially available for download on iOS and Android devices! This launch is the result of many efforts to bring you a mobile game designed specifically for seniors.

Feature descriptions and links to download can be found below. If you have any feedback you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Interactive world

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Find games, activities, and treasures by exploring the interactive world available right from the home screen.

Senior coins

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Senior coins are the virtual currency in Games 4 Seniors. They can be earned by playing games, and you can spend them on treasures or other in-game activites.


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Treasures are collectable items that can be bought at the Treasures Shop using Senior Coins. Some are cute, some are fun, and some are rare.


Cosmic Cards

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Test your memory in this card matching game.


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Save the guacamole farm in this spicy challenge.

Mental Math

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Keep your mind sharp using this fun math game.

Download for iPad or iPhone

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Download for Android

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